The Blue Screen of Joy!

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Never before have I been so excited by 38911 bytes free. Behold FC64 in action!

Claus sent me the above image this morning and I nearly fell off my chair. The FC64 emulator is definitely making progress. The magic blue screen of joy... I can't stress enough how important this initial boot screen is. Getting this screen in place means the basic hardware is emulated and should mean smoother sailing from here on out.

More to come! Right now the code is a little ugly and needs to be optimized. It's a tad on the slow side, but it'll get better. I don't believe the latest changes have been migrated into SVN yet - Claus is still tweaking a few things. Stay tuned...

Seriously.. Commodore 64 in Flash? Who would've thought... ActionScript 3 p@wnz!

UPDATE: To see the running example in action, check out Flash Player 9 Beta 3 is required, and the screen will draw around frame 100.

Be sure to view the live demo with the release version of the Player, available at The player that ships with FlexBuilder on labs is the debug player. The release player seems to run FC64 about 4x faster... I'm seeing ~63 frames per second on my computer with the release player (which is fast enough for "real time" emulation).

As Claus mentions, if the timers were working as they should the cursor would be blinking, and if the keyboard mapping was implemented you could actually write some commodore basic v2 programs already...

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Amazing! First a full web browser in AS1 and now a C64 in AS3. You guys rock. Im looking forward to osx interface running in AS5 ;)

WOHOOOOO!!! looking forward to see second reality 64 moving there!! heh!

Uh?! Where is that web browser in AS1? URL?

See for the browser written in AS1.

thx! I always wanted to do something like that!

To see the running example in action, check out:
(flash player 9 beta 3 required)
(screen gets initialized around frame number 100)

Be sure to view this with the *release* version of the player, available at:

The player that ships with FlexBuilder is the debug player. The release player seems to run FC64 about 4x faster...

Congratulations darron and claus :)

That also must have been the most geeky post till date yet...'the magic blue screen of joy'. That alone should make it worth posting it to Digg... (maybe update the posting to include the mention of the release version player?)

Another update....


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