Mate vs. Swiz

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Last week I gave an online presentation to a user group of Flash Platform developers in Boston.  The presentation was focused around the Mate and Swiz Flex frameworks.  Having experience using both, I wanted to highlight how the frameworks compare side-by-side.

I've exported my presentation slides into a PDF file (with the presenter notes view enabled).  You can download the slides here: vs Swiz.pdf

The main theme of the presentation was that both frameworks are MVC frameworks for Flex.  No matter what framework you choose you should end up with similar architecture at a high level.  The key differences are really in the implementation details (and they're not as different as you might think).

The last slide offers some food for thought.  Which framework should you choose?  There is no easy answer.  This is largely a matter of personal preference, opinion, and style.  I've used both in applications and been happy with the results.  Some teams prefer Mate, some teams prefer Swiz.  One is not necessarily better than the other, they're just... different.  

As always, your mileage may vary.

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